We're a small global team of passionate creatives who find endless inspiration from everyone's unique experiences, quirks, and ideas.

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As musicians, podcasters, and self-diagnosed dyslexics, crafting audio has become our art. And free from the confines of a visual language, we believe the power of story and sound has the ability to shape imagination like never before.

The people behind Quince

Hello, my name is Essie

My 10,000 hours of expertise have been spent interviewing people, whether they knew it or not.
Professionally, having worked as a Global Brand Strategist, I've often talked with clients to understand their needs and desires, and customers to gauge what really makes them tick. And as a podcast host for Essie's Hour of Love, I interview people from all walks of life to uncover their personal experiences with love.

So, in the heart of the pandemic, as I walked along the beach from my childhood summers, I asked myself "how do you really want to spend your days?" And I realised, I want people to understand how fascinating and worthy of wonder they are by capturing their voice, their laugh, and their memories. In fact, it seemed I'd spent my whole life preparing for this.

And wallah, here we are.

Hello, my name is Jimmie

In a past life, I was in a band. I wrote songs, toured all over the USA in a van, and even made some records. Then I moved to Australia, and it was here that I found a passion for production.

I began producing other artists, sound engineering podcasts, and scoring. I built a studio and have spent years working with Essie to develop an approach to storytelling through audio. My intuition is always aimed at distilling the truth of a story, the juice. I want to make you sound like the best version of yourself. By doing that, I have achieved my own best self.

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January 19, 2022
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