We help people discover the power of their experiences through voice.

Our experiences are behind our creations

Our experiences shape who we are. The memories that stay with us are a powerful force in our lives, and reflecting on them can help us understand ourselves in new ways.

For a long time, the world has looked to writing and photography to capture memories and reflection. But what about the role of voice in the self-discovery journey? At Quince, we’ve found there is nothing quite like the immediacy, intimacy and emotion of words spoken aloud to help us understand ourselves. 

Magic happens when we use our voice to reflect on our experiences. 

When we give ourselves the time and space to acknowledge our experiences, and appreciate them for what they have brought to our lives, our relationship to them can transform. And when we share our reflections with our loved ones, they get to understand and connect with us on a deeper level, and share in the joy of discovery, too.

Our mission is to bring the power of the voice to the masses, so that we can all find the power in our experiences.

Meet our team

Essie, Host & Founder

My 10,000 hours of expertise have been spent interviewing people, whether they knew it or not.

Professionally, having worked as a Global Brand Strategist, I've often talked with clients to understand their needs and desires, and customers to gauge what really makes them tick. And as a podcast host for Essie's Hour of Love, I interview people from all walks of life to uncover their personal experiences with love.

The fact is, I can't stop. I won't stop.
Essie - Perth - Western Australia
Jimmie - Melbourne - NSW

Jimmie, Sound Dude

In a past life, I was in a band. I wrote songs, toured all over the USA in a van, and even made some records.

Then I moved to Australia, and it was here that I found a passion for the production side of music.I began producing other artists, sound engineering podcasts, and scoring for tv and film. I built a studio, and have spent years working with Essie to develop an approach to storytelling through audio.

My intuition is aimed at distilling the truth of a story, and presenting it well. I look forward to hearing your story, and helping you tell it.

Our Values

We create experiences that stay with you.

We believe in the power of experiences to shape our lives, and want every experience with Quince to be a memory that stays with you. This means we do all we can to make each experience with Quince as expansive, supportive and memorable as possible.

We are fascinated by the art of asking questions.

There is an art to asking questions that, when done with care, can unlock powerful answers and transform our understanding of ourselves. We are passionate about asking the questions.

Every part of you is welcome.

There is beauty in all the messy, human parts of us. At Quince we cherish every quirk, quality and perspective that makes you the unique human being you are. That’s why we work to make every person feel welcome, and create the

Courage and kindness go hand in hand.

Acting from kindness connects us to one another and lifts us all up. And sometimes, in order to be most kind we need to do the courageous thing - ask the big question, have the vulnerable conversation, take the leap of faith.

Thoughtful action shows care.

Caring for people and their experiences is at the heart of how we do business. We lean into intention and reflection. Urgency is often seen as the go-to pace in business, but we believe striking the .

Every experience is a chance to learn.

We’re students of life that love to learn. We look for the meaning in our experiences without judging them, and welcome failure as a treasured part of evolution. There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ experience, only ones that help us learn and grow.