The              Polaroid

The    Polaroid

An overview

The Polaroid portrait is an unedited snapshot of a moment in time designed with two pivotal components for reflection: the recording session and the unveiling of the audio 5-years later.

So within one Polaroid, they'll experience both the moment of the recording and the opportunity for a greater understanding of oneself that has taken shape over time.

Recommended age
Middle stages of life (Age 25+)
Suggested for
Pivotal transitions; parenthood, relocating, switching careers, marriage
Receiving portrait
5 years from the interview
Portrait length
Approx 90 minutes
Included in 5 yrs
Password protected website featuring audio portrait
$500 AUD

How it works

The Interview


A private and intimate 90-minute one-on-one recorded interview with one of our specialized hosts. The flow of the interview has been strategically and thoughtfully designed to make the subject feel comfortable and help evoke key chapters, scenes, and ideas from their life story.

The Time Capsule


We will safely store your unedited recording for 5-years in a time capsule. This process encourages you to learn more about yourself from yourself later in life.

The Final Product


At the 5-year anniversary, we will email you a password-protected website featuring your Polaroid recording for unveiling.

What’s the difference between Heirloom and Polaroid?

$4,000.00 AUD
$500.00 AUD
90+ minute interview
Password-protected website
Host’s voice removed
Custom musical score
Storytelling edits
Receival time
6—8 weeks for a complete, crafted portrait
Audio portrait unveiled in 5 years

Listen to captured moments of our audio portraits


12 seconds of a captured moment:

“But I just remember at night crying”


Age 29

New York


24 seconds of a captured moment:

“I had a pretty unique childhood because of being the youngest of 7…”


Age 32



55 seconds of a captured moment:

“A nurse came in and I was like can you please…”


Age 34

West Aus


37 seconds of a captured moment:

“After my mom and my aunt immigrated to see my grandmother…”


Age 27

New York


15 seconds of a captured moment:

“I really gave myself a deadline…”


Age 32


I don't often take time to reflect on or take stock of my life. I've never been in therapy, but I imagine this experience was fairly close to it. I enjoyed actually taking time for myself, which I don't often do. I'm also excited about having a recording and being able to hear it in the future.
— Age 32, Brooklyn, NY
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Some commonly asked questions

Do I have to wait for 5 years to receive my Polaroid Portrait?

We highly recommend waiting 5 years. It gives you the distance from your answers and time to gain more perspective. If after 2 years you have a very strong urge to receive your Polaroid Portrait, email us at and we will see what we can do.

What can I do to be prepared for the interview?

There is no preparation you are required to do before the interview however if you want to feel more prepared, we recommend you start by reflecting on the moments in your life that have had an impact on you. Maybe start jotting them down as they come to you.

Are there any interview questions I can know beforehand?

We do not share the interview questions beforehand. I know for some this may feel unsettling. But please know that we have designed the interview to make sure we capture many elements of you and have designed the flow of the interview to help you remember and reflect on your life thoughtfully.