Your Story, Your Voice -
A Treasure to Keep

We create Audio Portraits; the recording of an intimate interview where you share your story in your voice.

How an Audio Portrait works

Take a seat

Get comfortable with one of our expert interviewers to embark on a guided journey of self-reflection.
We offer both online and in-person interviews.

Listen to discover

Discover more about yourself by listening to your voice recording of the memories, insights and experiences you shared.

Share with loved ones

Spread the love by sharing your Audio Portrait with the people you care about.

Listen to our Audio Portraits

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Different Styles of Audio Portraits


A powerful way to honour the experiences that have shaped who we are.

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A meaningful way to capture the profound journey of becoming a parent.

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An intimate way to preserve the stories of the people we most care about.

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“I bought my Dad this experience as he loves to tell a story but after listening to his Audio Portrait I now feel such gratitude that his incredible life story has been captured and will be treasured forever.”

Age 33, Sydney

“The Audio Portrait experience really gave me the opportunity to take a moment of pause and reflect on my life. Not just the peaks and the lows but all of the nuance and context in-between.”

Age 70, NYC

“I gave the Parenthood Audio Portrait as a gift to my best friend after she had her first child. For weeks afterwards she was still thanking me for such a thoughtful present.

Age 29, Perth

FAQ’s About Audio Portraits

Are there any interview questions I can know beforehand?

We do not share the interview questions beforehand. I know that for some this may feel unsettling. But please know that we have designed the interview to make sure we capture many elements of you and have designed the flow of the interview to help you remember and reflect on your life thoughtfully.

What (if any) equipment do I need for an online interview?

The minimum equipment required is a computer connected to the internet and headphones that plug into your computer (not wireless). You are welcome to use a microphone and other recording equipment to help ensure high-quality audio, but it’s not required.

What languages can you work with?

Currently, English is the only language we can craft with. Our hope in the future is to have a multilingual team and be able to craft portraits in many languages.

Do you offer both in-person and online interviews?

Yes, we do. We have had great success with both in-person and online interviews. If you are more comfortable speaking about yourself virtually, go with the online options. If in-person interviewing feels more comfortable to you and we are in your vicinity, we recommend interviewing in person.

On request we create Heirloom Audio Portraits that transforms the interview recording into a professionally produced audio experience, including a musical score and story flow. Get in touch to learn more.

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