The           Heirloom

The    Heirloom

An overview

The Heirloom portrait is a curated audio experience. Through an in-depth interview, we capture one’s individuality by highlighting their pivotal moments and unique characteristics.

With customised sound design and strategic editing, we create one-of-a-kind audio portraits of individuals for not only themselves but for their loved ones too.

Recommended age
Later stages in life (65+)
Suggested for
Pivotal milestones; birthdays,  retirement, anniversary
Time to create
Approx 6 - 8 weeks
Portrait length
25 - 40 minutes long
Password protected website featuring audio portrait, photos and short bio.

How it works

The Interview


A private and intimate 90-minute one-on-one recorded interview with one of our specialised hosts. The flow of the interview has been strategically and thoughtfully designed to make the subject feel comfortable and help evoke key chapters, scenes, and ideas from their life story.

The Crafting


From the many questions and conversations that form, our creative team will craft the heirloom audio portrait featuring a unique musical score.

**There will be an opportunity to review and remove any piece of audio you wish before finalising the portrait.

The Final Product


You will receive a password-protected website featuring the audio portrait for yourself or to share with others and a separate audio file to save in a safe place.

How are Heirloom & Polaroid different?

$4,000.00 AUD
$500.00 AUD
90+ minute interview
Password protected website
Host’s voice removed
Custom musical score
Storytelling edits
Receival time
6—8 weeks for a complete, crafted audio portrait
Audio portrait unveiled in 5 years

Listen to captured moments of our audio portraits


29 seconds of a captured moment:

“And I had no idea where my family was at that point…”


Age 70

West Aus


27 seconds of a captured moment:

“And I don’t have a bucket list…”


Age 66

West Aus


41 seconds of a captured moment:

“Actually my 85th birthday was quite an…”


Age 85

West Aus


32 seconds of a captured moment:

“Since my earliest memories of her…”


Age 63

West Aus


58 seconds of a captured moment:

“My life challenge is balancing the…”


Age 40


"I would like to share how impressed I was with the production of my audio portrait. The whole process and experience was so professional, thoughtful, kind and respectful. The quality of sound and music used on the audio track showcased what a tremendous team of talented people are behind the Quince project. The outcome far exceeded my expectations."
— 54 age, Perth, Heirloom Portrait
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Some commonly asked questions

What can I do to prepare for my interview?

There is no preparation you are required to do before the interview however if you want to feel more prepared, we recommend you start by reflecting on the moments in your life that have had an impact on you. Maybe start jotting them down as they come to you.

Are there any interview questions I can know beforehand?

We do not share the interview questions beforehand. I know for some this may feel unsettling. But please know that we have designed the interview to make sure we capture many elements of you and have designed the flow of the interview to help you remember and reflect on your life thoughtfully.

Do you recommend an in-person interview over online interview?

We have had great success with both in-person and online interviews. We have more control over the quality of the audio in-person but online audio recording has improved so much in the last few years that we can create a high-quality product with an online recording tool. If you feel that you will be more comfortable speaking about yourself virtually, then go with the online options. If in-person interviewing feels more comfortable to you and we are in your vicinity, we recommend interviewing in person.